Branch Out foundation

About Branch Out Foundation

The Branch Out Neurological Foundation is a registered Canadian charity with a mission to accelerate neuroscience for brains at their best.

Branch Out provides grant funding to researchers at Universities across Canada who are pursuing technological solutions and non-pharmaceutical approaches to treat and prevent all forms of neurological conditions.

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Our accomplished team skillfully developed custom animations for Branch Out Neurological Foundation, introducing a dynamic and visually compelling dimension to their digital presence. These charming animations not only added depth to the website but also served as engaging and interactive components, providing visitors with a memorable and immersive user experience.  

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Case Study

Website Design, Development & SEO

With a thoughtful approach, we carefully developed Branch Out’s website design, ensuring an authentic representation of their brand identity. Focusing on conveying the organization’s purpose, mission, and vision, the design aimed to make these elements easily distinguishable for visitors. The website was structured to showcase the extensive research initiatives undertaken by Branch Out, with dedicated subsections providing detailed insights into projects and grant opportunities available.  

Events were prominently highlighted to underscore the foundation’s dynamic engagement with its community. Specifically, a captivating landing page was created for the Branch Out Bike Tour 2024, providing an immersive experience for users interested in the event. In addition to the design, our team played a crucial role in optimizing the website’s SEO strategy, ensuring that Branch Out’s online presence was not only visually compelling but also highly discoverable, further amplifying the impact of their mission.

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Social Posts

By implementing a focused content creation strategy, we contributed to the expansion of Branch Out’s social media presence and outreach on LinkedIn and Instagram. By crafting custom content, we effectively communicated the impactful work by Branch Out, showcasing who they are and illustrating their involvement in accelerating tech solutions and non-pharmaceutical approaches to neurological conditions. We implemented relevant hashtags to optimize discoverability and engagement. Through these efforts, we aspired to spread awareness and garner support for Branch Out’s noble cause, contributing to the broader mission of advancing neurological research and providing crucial funding for researchers across Canada.

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Copy & Ideation

Through articulate storytelling, we delved into the essence of who Branch Out is, intricately weaving together their compelling story, vision, and mission. We highlighted the diverse spectrum of research endeavors, covering areas such as NeuroCAM, Funded Projects, Grant Opportunities, Spotlight Features, and the Scientific Review Panel. By skillfully integrating these components, our tailored copy aimed not only to inform but also to engage, offering a comprehensive and accessible insight into the foundation’s multifaceted initiatives. This approach ensured that Branch Out’s narrative was conveyed in a manner that resonated with the audience, fostering a meaningful connection and reinforcing their commitment to pioneering neurological advancements.