Everyone is online. Over 90% Of Canadians are connected to some sort of online platform, sobeing digitally connected to that world is crucial. People spend hours on the web, whether that’sthrough social media, shopping online, or browsing information – everyone is connected throughthe digital network.

Having a digitally optimized presence online is the key to a successful business. Through theclick of a button, consumers are able to read your reviews, view your offerings, and get to knowyour business in minutes. So why aren’t you online yet?.

This is where the Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) could be a beneficial solution foryour business! This $4-Billion venture is a funding source for all kinds of businesses, looking toenhance or develop their websites, SEO, social media platforms, designs, or all of the above.They are looking to help 90,000 businesses with this mico-grant – let one of them be you!.

There are some varying types of grants being offered to the public. A grant is being offered tosmall start-up businesses looking to grow their online presence.Grow Your Business Online,which is a micro-grant worth up to $2400, is available to companies that are incorporated andhave a minimum of one employee. This could be used towards a baseline marketing packagethat would focus on SEO, ads, ecommerce, listings, blogs, design or even a reputation online. Developing your business online can bring you the outcomes you want and the outcomes youneed!.

Contact us below to get started on your application process, so you too can optimize your onlinepresence.

If everyone is online, why aren’t you?