Digital Marketing Specialist

Monolith Marketing is a cutting-edge digital marketing agency that stands out in the industry due to its profound understanding of the digital landscape. Our unique advantage over competitors lies in the ability to create customized digital marketing strategies that effectively elevate businesses’ exposure.


Bachelor’s degree or college diploma in marketing or related fields.

A minimum of 3 years’ experience in marketing

Experience in digital marketing is considered an asset

Duties & Responsabilities

  • Plan and execute marketing plans and initiatives within the Marketing team.

  • Conduct marketing planning, integrating social media objectives into the broader marketing plan.

  • Manages marketing materials and events such as brochures, digital advertisement and promotional events.

  • Create metrics and dashboards to measure the ROI of participation websites.

  • Develop comprehensive marketing strategies to increase website traffic, enhance brand awareness, and improve conversion rates.

  • Assist in managing various digital channels, including paid, search, referral, email, social media, and video production.

  • Regularly provide reports on key performance indicators and ROI to assess the success of digital marketing initiatives.

  • Utilize data from various sources, such as website analytics, paid media data and email subscriber data to provide practical recommendations.

  • Maintain close collaboration with internal teams, external agencies, and industry partners.

  • Learn and apply the latest trends and advancements in analytics and the digital marketing industry.

Duties & Responsabilities