Case Study


Realncy Ltd

Realncy Ltd. is redefining real estate investment with its groundbreaking platform. As their marketing agency, we’re privileged to be part of their journey, crafting an intricate strategy that fueld anticipation for their launch. We’re helping everyone get ready to embrace a new era of possibilities in the world of real estate investment with Realncy Ltd.

Case Study

Logo Before & After

Pictured here are the old and new Realncy logos. Through delicate adjustments, our Creative Director achieved a remarkable effect when updating the previous logo. The incorporation of a hint of blue helped define the brand’s official colours, while the use of clean, straight lines imparts a sense of elegance and refinement. These subtle enhancements bring a fresh and polished look to the Realncy brand, leaving a lasting and professional impression. 

Case Study

Website Design

Picture this: Realncy Ltd., on the verge of its real estate investment platform launch, felt a bit underwhelmed by its current website so we swooped in to save the day with a fresh design and revised copy! This site is where potential investors and developers will be driven so it was imperative that it has a clean and professional feel, is easy to navigate and that all information is easily accessible.

Case Study

Curiocity Toronto Ad Campaign

We implemented an awareness advertising campaign for Realncy with Curiocity Inc., which is one of Canada’s most prominent digital publishing companies. They have a daily reach of over 2 million people per day and surpass 100 million monthly views. We successfully partnered with Curiocity Toronto to get Realncy’s name out there in preparation for its launch! The outcome was mass interest from potential investors and lead generation, especially from the developer’s side.

Case Study

Social Media & Email Marketing

In addition to the other services, we also create and manage social media content for Realncy on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. This includes the concept, captions, and graphic designs. We pay close attention to detail when making this content by following the guidelines and incorporating the correct disclaimers. Our team also conceptualizes and creates monthly newsletters so Realncy’s audience can stay informed about any industry news, future investment opportunities and more!